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MPC854x PowerQUICC III Microcontroller Class

Dates Offered:
No open class is currently scheduled


Description: This is a 5-day class covering hardware and software aspects of the MPC8543/45/47/48 PowerQUICC III microcontrollers. A customized, shorter version can be arranged for on-site training.

Students will learn to design and write programs for various chip sub-modules. This includes the embedded Power Architecture Core (e500v2 with MMU and Caches), Local bus, PCI/PCI-X, PCI Express, Serial RapidIO, new Enhanced Three Speed Ethernet Controllers, DMA controller, DDR2 Controller, Reset and configuration and Interrupt Controller.

  • Learn the architecture of e500v2 core
  • Configure MMU and set up caches (L1 and L2)
  • Learn the exception processing in e500v2
  • Configure the interrupt controller
  • Configure Local bus memory controller
  • Configure the DDR2 controller
  • Configure and use PCI/PCI-X bus interface
  • Configure and use PCI Express
  • Configure and use Serial RapidIO bus interface
  • Reset and hardware configuration of the MPC854x
  • Configure and use the Enhanced Three Speed Ethernet Controller
Prerequisites: To benefit most from the course, familiarity with the Power Architecture is recommended. On-site classes can be customized to exclude topics which are not of interest.

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