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line Company Info line Arnewsh Inc. is the most experienced certified NXP (formerly Freescale) Semiconductor US training partner for the QorIQ T1040/1042, T1020/T1022/T1024/T1014, T2080/2081, T4240/T4160/T4080, P1020/P1011, P1021/P1012, P1022/P1013, P2010/P2020, P2040/P2041, P3041, P4080/P4040, and P5010/P5020/P5021/P5040, MPC8641/D, MPC85xx PowerQUICC III, MPC83xx PowerQUICC II Pro, MPC826x PowerQUICC II, MPC860/8xx, and MPC60x/75x/74xx microprocessors. Our company has been partnered with NXP (formerly Freescale) Semiconductor Technical Training for over 30 years, being Freescale's exclusive source of training for these processors within the US for most of this time. Our experience is unsurpassed, having trained thousands of engineers and managers world-wide as well as extensive design experience.

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Arnewsh Inc. offers public seminars throughout the US and offers on-site training tailored to our customer's needs throughout the world.

Please contact Arnewsh Inc. to register for open-enrollment classes or to arrange on-site training. We can be reached by eMail as follows:


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